Gauge Controllers, Power Supplies, Pumps and Components

Advanced Energy
MDX 10 10 Kw DC power supply with Model 052 remote control
MDX 10 10 Kw DC power supply (Slave)
MDX CSE-3 Three Cathode Switch

Airco Temescal
Electron Beam Gun SFIH-270-2 Single Pocket E-Gun

Applied Materials
8100 / 8115 Plasma Etch Components:
PC Boards, Controllers

Balzers / Pfieffer
Turbo Pump & Controllers

E2M80 (56 CFM) Direct Drive Pump

Granville Phillips
307 Digital Ion Gauge Controller
270 Analog Gauge Controller with two Convectron Display
4" SS Pneumatic Swing Gate Valve - 6" Conflat Flanges

315 Digital Micro Pirani Controller
ISO 100 Pneumatic Right Angle Valve
KF50 Pneumatic Right Angle Valve
KF40 Pneumatic Right Angle Valve
KF40 Manual Inline Valve
KF25 Pneumatic Right Angle Valve

XTC Digital Thickness & Rate Controller with F/T and Sensor
IPC-2 Stainless Steel Pressure Converter Valve

Leybold Turbo Pumps:
TMP 50 (50 L/S) Turbo Pump with 4.5" Conflat flange
TMP 150 (150 L/S) Turbo Pump with 6" Conflat Flange

Leybold Turbo Pump Controllers:
NT 150 / 360 Turbo Pump Controller
NT 20 & 1100C Turbo Pump Controller

Leybold Mechanical Pumps:
D8 (7 CFM) Direct Drive Mechanical Pump
D65B (57 CFM) Direct Drive Mechanical Pump

Leybold Z600 System Backing Plates
Copper Backing Plate PK500L - Bond On Target
Copper Backing Plate PK500L - Bolt On Target

4" Stainless Steel Gate Valve Model LGV 4000V-P-03

270B Digital Signal Conditioner
4PDR-C-1C Digital Readout Power Supply
943 Cold Cathode Controller with Sensor and Cable

KF40 Pneumatic Inline Valve

6" Conflat Pneumatic Stainless Steel Gate Valve Model SVB-42-VM

Mass Flow Controllers (MFC) 1100 & 1200 for N2, Ar, 02

16.75" OD 11.5" ID Pneumatic Gate Valve
10" Conflat Flanged Pneumatic Gate Valve Model 10846-UE24-0004


845 Ion Gauge with Dual Thermocouple

Components are available AS-IS, Operational or Rebuilt with warranty.